customer bikes Modified factory OEM exhaust systems for the Honda VTX 1800 & 1300

Q: Do I have to buy a power commander after installing VTXexhaust pipes?

A: No, bike will run fine w/stock computer or jetting.

Q: What will reduce the decel popping that is inherent with the big twins?

A: Adjusting your driving habits to avoid long run downs, adding a little throttle when it starts to pop.   Power Commanders and custom maps will decrease the popping but nothing will totally eliminate it.   Nature of the beast!

Q: Will I need to do the desmog mod?

A: No, some believe it helps cut con on decel popping but bike runs fine with desmog in place.   If you add a Hyper Charger it is probably a good idea to do the desmog as you are not using the desmog anyway.

Q: What do I send you for the modifications?

A: Just the mufflers with the tips and chrome, no head pipes! Separate the dual exhaust pipes and pack them side-by-side.

Q: Is Eric as mean as he looks in the picture?

A: No, actually that was a good day, he's much meaner!   (Kidding!)

Q: Do you actually use my muffler for the conversion.

A: No, we use your chrome and a muffler already converted.   Your muffler will end up going to the next guy.   This allows us to do same day turnaround.

Q: When is my account charged?

A: When your pipe is shipped back to you.

Q: Do you guys really ride VTX's?

A: Yes, the pictures on the web site are us and our bikes.



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*VTXexhaust modifications are made for track and off road use. They may not be legal in your area for on road use.