customer bikes Modified factory OEM exhaust systems for the Honda VTX 1800 & 1300

ABOUT US is the product of two brothers who bought VTX1800's and were not overly impressed by the aftermarket exhausts.   Especially when it came to looks, we feel the stock look is the best for these bikes.   Unfortunately the sound left a lot to be desired.   Brother Bob came up with the idea of a web site and manufacturing.   Brother Bill ended up with the job of developing the sound and manufacturing process.   Bill's son Eric bought brother Bob's 1800C and has been helping with the process since it's inception.   Eric is a college junior and plans on a teaching career but will always have a part in the process.   Brother Bob, after getting the ball rolling has stepped back and is patiently waiting for his royalties to come in.   That is where you, the customer, come in.   You need to buy these awesome pipes and get that cash coming in so Brother Bob can feel good about his efforts!

Fynbo Welding, the parent company of is located in Albert Lea, MN.   Just 90 miles south of Minneapolis/St. Paul.   Summer riding is excellent in MN and winter is a great time for building pipes for those who live and ride in the south.   A small firm, Fynbo Welding employees 6-8 people and has no plans on getting "too big for our britches".   Doing something and doing it well is our main concern.   If you're ever in the southern MN area we encourage you to stop and visit us.   We're located just off the I-90 and I-35 interchange.   Established in 1975 by Brother Bill of we have no plans on fading away any time soon, we're having way too much fun!




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*VTXexhaust modifications are made for track and off road use. They may not be legal in your area for on road use.